Hard copy of The Complete Diet in Paradise


“‘The Complete Diet in Paradise’ is Noosa’s latest wellness and recipe book and is a companion to her great seller; ‘A Diet in Paradise’, which focussed on the science of understanding illness and health, chronic inflammation and gut bacteria. With beautiful images of The Fraser Coast in Australia as well as being packed full of quick, easy, tasty recipes.

Her latest book; ‘The Complete Diet in Paradise’ is set in Noosa and the Sunny Coast of Queensland and explores the deeper layers to health; the mind, the thoughts, the affirmations of a person and how these influence health or disease.

It’s a book that explores joy, wonder and the benefits of engaging in awe.

With interviews from NASA scientists, local and international physicians, celebrity chefs, successful entrepreneurs and hidden spiritual masters; Noosa ask them each to share a way we could view the world and ourselves from a new and dynamic perspective in order to encourage our greatest health.

Packed full of immune boosting and inflammation lowering recipes, this book is a visual look into extremes to find the healthy balance in the middle.”

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